Simple Backup Scripts

If you need a simple and easy to configure incremental backup for your home computer or a laptop, you may find my scripts useful. The backups are done as a cron job (you decide how often to run it), there is only one configuration file which lists the directories to back up, and one log file recording backups. The backups (gzip'ed tar files) are saved on your hard drive in a specified location, and you can later transfer them to tapes or CDs if you want.

Deleting or moving away the log file triggers the next backup to be complete (non-incremental), and a new log file will be created.

In addition, if you need to exclude some subtree from backups, just put a '.nobackup' file in it.

That's about it. I have been using these scripts for a few years now on my home computer and a laptop and so far I'm reasonably happy with them.

Some day I'll write a better page and make a release, and in the meantime you can check out the project summary or just browse the CVS Repository.


Sergey Berezin

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